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Sewing Threads

Saunders Thread Company manufactures a complete line of continuous filament nylon, polyester, polypropylene, Vectran®, Nomex®, and Kevlar® sewing threads for any heavy duty application. We process cotton, spun poly, cotton and polyester corespuns, spun acrylic, spun Nomex®, spun Kevlar®, and blends. All of our filament products can be provided soft or bonded, cotton and cotton corespuns soft or glazed, and with the exception of filament Kevlar®, we can supply all fibers natural or dyed.

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Nomex®  Kevlar®  Filament

We stock Tenara® expanded PTFE thread, conductive and anti-static threads and yarns, prewound bobbins and complete color lines in size 69 bonded nylon and the most popular sizes of spun Nomex®. We can dye a full range of colors in spun Kevlar®. All of our products can be provided silicone free to meet special requirements, and we can wind to any type of put-up from parallel tubes, to cones and king tubes. Our Nomex® and Kevlar® products are UL® approved to meet the following standards: NFPA 1971, NFPA 1977, NFPA 1975, NFPA 2112. Our UL® certificate number is 032614- MH14954 J. Charles Saunders Co. Inc, Issue date March 26, 2014. Saunders Thread Company is the exclusive manufacturer of Spun Gold® para-aramid thread for use in sewing upholstery and bedding fire barriers.

Call us, send us an e-mail or provide feedback on our reply page for additional information or quotes needed on our thread products.

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