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Commission Services

Saunders Thread Company can provide a number of services on a commission basis.


We have a modern dye house and a wealth of experience dyeing all types of fibers and blends. Our specialty is dyeing filament and spun Nomex®, spun Kevlar®, Thermax® and Therostat®, and Lycra® corespuns. Lot sizes range from 27 lb. to 1500 lb. We can generally dye to match, and submit samples in less than two weeks.


We can wind straight paper tubes from 5/8" to 6" ID, double flanged reels, double flanged Wardwell braider bobbins, 4" to 9" cones, foster yarn cones, pirns, and all sizes of king tubes. Straight tubes and braider bobbins can be wound single or multiple ends up. We have a clean room for silicone free winding.

Call us, send us an e-mail or provide feedback on our reply page for additional information, about your needs and our available capacity.

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