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Wire and Cable, Products and Braider Yarns

[IMAGE] Saunders Thread Company manufactures a full line of binders, ripcords, strength members, and filler yarns for the wire and cable industries, as well as high performance yarns for the braider industry. Fibers include 100% cotton, spun and filament polyester, filament nylon, spun and filament Nomex®, spun and filament Kevlar® and filament Vectran®. All fibers can be provided natural or dyed, and non wicking. We can wind a variety of cob sizes, from 5/8" to 6" ID. parallel paper tubes and flanged reels, to double flange Wardwell braider bobbins with single or multiple ends up, as well as cones and king tubes. Our sales and manufacturing team has the knowledge and experience to help you develop innovative new products to meet the ever increasing demands of our industry.

Call us, send us an e-mail or provide feedback on our reply page for additional information on our wire and cable products.

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